Background And Political Effects Of The English Civil War

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Vadim Torchillo Introduction Background/Context: The English civil war that started in 1642. The civil wars were considered a feud between the parliament and King Charles 1 in England. Even before the English Civil War started King Charles 1 and the Parliament had a little disagreement going on about how the country should be ruled and governed. This war started in 1642 and ended in 1651. King Charles 1 and Parliament considered themselves in charge of the army of England at that time. King Charles 1 never took money from Parliament and never considered their help, until he lost control of the country. King Charles and parliament both wanted to be in charge of the country and that started argument / fight that later on led to a war. The war was between supporters of King Charles 1 and supporters of Parliament. Thesis: Economy affected the civil wars because King Charles lst asked for no help from parliament for money. There was a political role in the english civil wars because there was a constant argument with King charles lst and parliament over who is and should rule the country better. Religion affected the English civil war because King charles was led him to catholicism which later on raised an alarm to the england people. Argument Z Topic Political King Charles 1st had his own Army and supporters that wanted to overthrow parliament 's army that supported parliament and what they believe in (3 Torchillo). King Charles 's disagreed with parliament and there were

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