Background Checks Case Study

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The United States should require universal background checks for all gun sales and ownership transfers.

If we are able to prove that UBC’s are useful and can save lives, then we win. Contention 1: Universal background checks in the United States would reduce the risk of deaths from firearms significantly.

Subpoint A: Firearms cause about 31,000 deaths annually. Out of those, 11,000 are homicides. In addition to this, there are 600,000 gun related injuries annually.Making UBC’s required would drastically lower the death rate.

Subpoint B: The United StatesFirearm Homicide Rate is 20 times higher than any other average high-income state. Gun offenders get most of their guns from unlicensed sales.

Contention 2: The times that the federal
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Framework: If we are able to prove that UBC’s are not effective, and should not be used, then we win.

Contention 1: Implementing background checks would take a lot of money and manpower to actually work and would cause more people to become victims of crimes.

Subpoint A: By implementing background checks it would raise the price of most firearms by more than 150 dollars. This would stop people who need guns to protect their families in low income neighborhoods from obtaining them because of their high prices.

Subpoint B: This would also cause more people in low income areas to be victimized by criminals and have no defense against it. This could lead to more people being killed if they were to be mugged or stolen from.

Subpoint C: By causing less people to have guns it would in theory cause more deaths and people to be harmed. This could also lead to people purchasing firearms via the black market, leading to businesses that sell firearms to go out of
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