Imperial Tobacco: Socially Responsible Labor Practices

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Imperial Tobacco is a multinational tobacco company headquartered in Bristol, England. Imperial Tobacco is the fourth largest cigarette producer in the world, with brands such as Davidoff, Weiss and Gaul. In addition to cigarette production, Imperial Tobacco is also the world 's largest cigar, tobacco and cigarette paper manufacturers.The origins of Imperial Tobacco Ltd can be traced back to 1901, when many British tobacco companies merged to fight the threat of American tobacco to the UK market. Imperial Tobacco. Imperial Tobacco employs more than 8,000 people in 34 countries and 13 tobacco processing plants, and sells products in more than 110 countries and regions. In 2001, Imperial Tobacco produced 1.2 million boxes of cigarettes, 22,000 tons of hand-rolled cigarettes, 680 million cigars, 520 million pieces of hand-rolled paper and 120 tons of snuff.

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Imperial Tobacco 's partners to support fundraising and encourage volunteerism. In the Imperial Tobacco supply chain, Imperial Tobacco promotes respect for human rights-responsible labor practices.Imperial Tobacco 's suppliers ' standards and programs address working conditions, fair remuneration, working hours, freedom of forced labor, child labor, respect, non-discrimination, health and safety. Imperial Tobacco Purchases a large portion of the leaf from Imperial Tobacco from a third-party supplier who is part of the major international large leaf power supply company. Imperial Tobacco 's cigarettes are sourced from origins including Brazil, China, India, EU member states and sub-Saharan Africa. Imperial Tobacco A small amount of tobacco in Madagascar, Morocco and Laos are the main purchases directly.

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