Background Of Poverty In Africa

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Poverty is mostly based in Africa. According to the dictionary poverty is defined as “The state or condition of having little or no money, goods, or means of support”. Poverty could be said it started after the arrival of colonists, as they wanted to take over the lands of Africans. They wanted to change the lives of those people and westernize them. As they were forced off their lands then poverty became worse. Rural areas are the most areas that experience poverty at the extreme because they dependent on agriculture for food and development there is very slow or does not even reach them at all. People leave the rural areas to live in the cities that mean people with skills decide that as there are no opportunities here and they go somewhere they can find job opportunity. Then that lives the rural areas without people who have skills.
In Africa there are programs designed to assist in reducing poverty but ends up in the hands of corrupt people, the distribution of the money is unequal, the large amount of money are spend on the person in charge of the program not on the poor people. Due to the poor governance, the people in the higher authority are unable to solve such matters. At the end those unprivileged people still have face poverty and that causes inequalities in their society. Africa is wealthy in minerals and other things but they do not have the necessary equipment or even to deploy the needed equipment.
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