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1.0 INTRODUCTION Nowadays, fast food in seen as a lifestyle. This is because, people was get too busy in their life. Not to mention that every day is a hectic time for us. People nowadays tender to eat more fast food without thinking what are the impact of their consumed of fast food. Concerning towards this lifestyle, in this assignment, we are obliged to analyse the impact of this industry to the local community. For that, we have chosen Marrybrown Fried Chicken as our studies. We chose Marrybrown Company as our studies because Marry brown is the largest and first Halal Fast Food chain and proudly made in Malaysia. 1.1 ABOUT MARRYBROWN As briefly history of Marrybrown, Marry brown was begin their services in 1981 in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Marrybrown Fried Chicken is the first and the largest Halal Fast Food chain made in Malaysia. The creator of Marrybrown is Lawrence Liew and Nancy Chan. Marrybrown proudly opened their first international branch in China in 1992. Until today, Marrybrown have more than 400 outlets around the world, and 82 percent franchised. Marrybrown is the winner of numerous domestic and international franchise industry awards, is proudly Malaysian owned and has over 30 years of franchise experience under its belt. The home-grown of fast food chain is currently the world’s largest Halal Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) brand originating from Asia. Marrybrown has a strong international presence with outlets operating in Malaysia, China, Indonesia, India,

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