Backyard Chicken Essay

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Backyard chicken basics
As a result of the numerous awareness campaigns both on paper and TV media, families and homes are beginning to pay attention to the source of meat and eggs; these lead to the increase in the trend of raising backyard chickens. Raising chickens in our backyards can be very promising and educating to our kids. This will teach them more of nature, agriculture and responsibility of caring for animals. This research will be dealing on egg production more, and will talk of meat production in subsequent series.

We currently have some breeds or variety of chicken’s breeds, developed for meat and egg production. While some cannot adapt to such breeding conditions, others can do better of flourish in backyard conditions.
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Calcium is the major components of egg shells and is required in high % during laying state. As a result of the high calcium required during laying state, pullets store or reserve calcium in their bones. During laying, the stored-up calcium is utilized if the absence of enough calcium in their ration. Insufficient calcium in their ration leads to the production of soft-shelled eggs or shell less eggs. At laying state, it is important to provide or feed them with properly formatted layers’ ration or all-purpose rations with extra calcium supplements like oyster shells

A backyard chicken house is generally called a coop. a good and quality coop is required for maximum egg production.
Layers naturally needs nest boxes; the coop must provide good ventilation, protection from weather and predators, it also must be well-insulated and contains good source of light for warmth and sight. Minimum requirements for nest boxes are one for every 5 chickens.

A good coop must be well fortified to provide protection from against the well known predators like raccoons, rats, owls, snakes, hawks, and cats. It must also contain and enclosed space for them to stay at night. There is an endless variety of coop designs in the internet, one can chose any design that suits your backyard and
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