Bacon Republic Case Study

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Business proponents and partners
Bacon republic is a bacon themed restaurants offers good quality bacon dishes to customers at an affordable price with the help of our key partners and technology. Our partners will help us with the investment and growth of our companies with us working for and managing the company. Our key partners will help us with our capital and pay them back as we recoup some money and have a stable business. For our technological proponents we will be allocating Enterprise organization and its capabilities
Present Organizational Chart:

Since we’re just starting a restaurant we only have enough budgets for our expenses so as much as possible we should reduce
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His responsibilities are to implement, organize and develop actions. He is the one who approves the actions and plans taken by his Vice Presidents.
Vice President of Sales:
Vice President of sales is the one he is the one managing the flow of moneys (inflow & outflow.) He is also the one who budgets the money for buying and recording the expenses and sales.
Vice President of Production:
She is the one who manage the production of product of the business, she is the one dictating and managing the staffs. She is responsible in making rules and regulations for human resources for their staffs.
Vice President of Marketing:
Vice President of Marketing is the preparing market communication with potential customers. He plans and manages advertising activities. He is the one who handles the budget for marketing.
We are going to try to partner with, a company who focuses on delivery and has applications and other technology, for our delivery and ask some people to make a good website for us. We will buy most of our technology like computers from
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