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Bacteria is one of the first life forms that appeared on Earth, and that today lives essentially in all environments of the world whether an individual is aware or not. It takes many different shapes, but the most common are spiral, rod and spheres. Bacteria cannot be viewed with the naked eye; instead you need a microscope and are extremely small measuring in at 0.2um in diameter and 2-8 um in depth. In the science world bacteria is among the topics of controversy and many question if in fact bacteria is alive, or if it has life. At the end of the day bacteria will gain nutrients, reproduce and survive, making it a live organism and heartless when it comes to the people that it will cross. According to scientist of the University of…show more content…
However, after some hours have passed they can start to feel hot, have swollen skin, detect a high fever, vomit, experience nausea, confusion, dehydration and experience excruciating pain around the infected area that can also be covered with blisters that contain a dark liquid within. NF can also cause shock with organs as well as respiratory failure, lowering of blood pressure and renal failure. NF is not very common, but when it strikes the aftermath of the infection is not pretty to look at. This specific infection is one of the most painful because it rots limbs while the patient is still actively aware and physically…show more content…
But when diagnosed correctly it is best to seek treatment right away. One of the best line of defense to fight off this fast spreading infection is a strong antibiotic given to an individual through a needle directly into the vein. Orally the antibiotic will not work fast, allowing NF to spread even quicker. Still, even then antibiotics can be no match for the infection, as the bacteria rips and destroys soft tissue sometimes the only safe option is to do immediate surgery to be able to remove all infected tissue and save that which the bacteria has not yet attacked. Occasionally NF spreads so rapidly that amputation of limbs can be the only option for survival, if not treated as soon as possible death will soon

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