Bad And Good Guy: Why People Can Be A Cold Blooded Murderer?

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Nora Nadya 111711133115 Biopsikologi Perilaku C-1 Draft II (Group 1) Topic: Bad and Good Guy: Why people can be a cold blooded murderer? Cold-Blooded Murderer: Are they genetically inherited? Did you ever hear about cold-blooded murderer cases? Not only in novels or movies but the real cold-blooded murderer cases that were actually happened in real life. For example, the case of Ryan from Jombang, East Java. He was known killed 11 people and he even mutilated his victims in 2008. He buried his victims in his backyard. If you heard about that case, you will be probably wondering why someone can do something terrible to other human beings. Are they mentally ill? Or there are any external factors that could be the motives behind their criminal acts? Or is there something wrong with their brain? Or maybe, they are genetically inherited? Many studies and researchers are trying to figure out the reasons for this kind of phenomena. Many people assuming that cold-blooded murderers are considered as a psychopath. But, before labeling them as a psychopath, we should understand and investigate how are psychopaths actually are. Psychopath is from the word psyche that means soul and the word pathos that means disease. Psychopathy is a developmental disorder marked by emotional deficits and an increased risk for antisocial behavior. It is not equivalent to the diagnosis Antisocial Personality Disorder, which concentrates only on the increased risk for antisocial behavior

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