Bad Behavior Among Teenagers

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Bad Behavioural Changes Among Teenagers According to (Holmbeck,Friedman,Abad & Jandasek (2008),the transition phase is not an easy time for either adolescent or teenagers and parents too.They have to faces many challenges and obstacles in their lives.Adolescence is the time when childhood left behind and young teen begins to cross your time that separates your childhood and the adult world.As children transform into adolescence,they have to face many challenges and obstacles in their lives.This is what makes and puts them in a state of confusion and they try to adapt themselves to new changes in their physical changes ,psychological development, moral development and social development David Pruitt (2009). As we all know,there are a lot of societies that responsible and tries very hard to cure and heal this bad lifestyle among teenagers in order to present themselves in a decent manner. Behaviour can be defined as the way in which an invidual act or behave and in giving response to a particular things.Bad is defined as unpleasant and unwelcome.Acccording to Raising Children Network (Australia) Limited (2011) in“ What is risky behaviour?’’,bad behaviour or risky behavior can be illustrated as the way people interacts,behave,act and in giving response to a particular things in unpleasant and unwelcome by people surrounding.As we all know that,bad behaviour will not be liked by people surrounding.In this matter,children that have just stepped up themselves as
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