Bad Blood Taylor Swift Rhetorical Analysis

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‘Bad Blood’ by Taylor Swift

After watching Taylor Swift’s Blank Space video on Youtube for the sixth time, I was left with the impression that no other music video could top it as I found it to be a masterpiece. However, after watching Swift’s latest music video for her new single Bad Blood, it reaffirmed to me that I was, unfortunately, correct - which is surprising since Blank Space and Bad Blood were both directed by Joseph Kahn. Though Bad Blood is by no means a terrible promotional video, but it certainly lacks the same charm and wickedness that Blank Space brought.

I’m not a huge Taylor Swift fan - or ‘Swifty’ as she likes to call her followers -, but what I am a fan of is pop culture. And the weeks leading up to the release of Swift’s new music video, every social media platform was buzzing with excitement. A strategically planned move to premier the video at the 2015 American Music Awards insured that a large audience would witness the unveiling. And to no one’s surprise, Bad Blood broke VEVO’s 24 hour viewing record, accumulating 20.7 million views - stealing Nicki Minaj’s crown for Anaconda by a landslide of 1.1 million views. But, instead of relying on big butts and twerking, Swift chose to ignore the controversial route and decided to go for a more kickass style, accompanied by her best friends.
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All in all, there were about 17 characters, and each had a name and personality, customized by their person. So, this is where it gets messy and complicated. With such a build up to the release and the amount of work put into the promotion, I was left...underwhelmed. But, let’s recap what happens in the music video, incase you need a bit of

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