Bad Boy Analysis

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In the book, Bad Boy, Walter Dean Myers talks about his family back round. In chapter one, Walter discussed his feelings about his mother. On page 3, Walter talks about having no feeling for Mary Dolly Green because she died during the birth of Walters’s younger sister. Roots, the title of chapter one helps us to understand Walters background. Even though Mary Dolly Green was Walter’s real mother, he considered Florence Dean, his father’s first wife, his mom. Walter had several family members that lived I his house. His father was now raising him and six other children. On page three, Walter talks about his sisters, Gertrude, Ethel, Imogene, and his two step sisters from another marriage named Geraldine and Viola. Also Walters’s family included a brother named George. In chapter two, Walter talks about his first…show more content…
On page twenty-seven and little on twenty-eight, he talks about his sister’s husband helping him in math. He also talks about the fourth grade for him. On page thirty he says he got into a fight with a kid nicknamed Bunny. And he says that Bunny got two hits on him before he ran. His teacher made Walter go to his desk and put his head down. On page thirty-one he says that out of frustration he though a book but his teacher got in the way and he hit her. She told him that she wanted to see his mother that day. On page thirty-two, it says that his stomach hurt and his mother took him to the hospital. Also on page thirty-two, the nurse said that he was fine, but when the doctor came in she pressed his stomach and Walter screamed. The doctor immediately scheduled an appendix removal surgery. Walter said that he couldn’t do anything for a couple of weeks, on page thirty-three. He rode his bike for activity but his father came home. On page thirty-four, his father asked him if he was alright and yanked the covers back. Walter was bleeding out of the bandage, so his father rushed him to the emergency
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