Bad Choices In Romeo And Juliet

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Everyone makes bad choices throughout their lives resulting in unfavorable outcomes. Some choices are worse than others. William Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet is filled with countless sporadic and careless decisions. A great number of these decisions were made by Romeo Montague, one of the main characters in the play. Romeo displays irresponsibility as exemplified in his decision to kill Tybalt in a fit of anger and to commit suicide in the name of love. Of the many poor decisions Romeo makes, and one of the most pivotal, in the play is when he kills Tybalt in a fit of anger. The article “Romeo and Juliet” in the Gale Virtual Reference Library puts what happens between Romeo and Tybalt in words perfectly when they state, “Killing Tybalt is a rash act that needed not have happened if Romeo had been better able to control himself. Instead, Romeo succumbs to an irrational and violent reaction and then feels sorry for himself as "fortune's fool" who has been pushed by fate into committing the terrible deed” (Hacht). Although Tybalt kills one of Romeo’s closest friends, it is rash of him to respond to the murder by committing another murder. As a result, Romeo is banished from Verona and given a small amount of time to leave. This could have all been avoided if Romeo would have resolved the issue in a peaceful manner by confronting Tybalt about what had happened without fighting.…show more content…
William Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet is filled with numerous irresponsible choices that determine the outcome of the play. Some choices barely affect the outcome of the play, while others are for what the play is known. Of these many pivotal choices, many are made by Romeo. Romeo’s personality and belief in fate are the main reasons for the careless decisions. The highlights of the rash choices are when Romeo kills Tybalt in a moment of rage and when he kills himself because of his true love’s
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