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Coaching has been a big part of our history, throughout history there have been some great coaches/leader and there also have been some very bad/ coaches. An example of a great leader in history is Franklin D Roosevelt. An example of a bad leader in history is Adolf Hitler because of what he did. In history, what does it take to be a good coach and what does it take to be a bad coach.
Coaching has been around for as long time. Coaching has been very important throughout history and can take on many different forms. Some examples of coaching throughout history happened as early as the caveman era. The elder cavemen had to teach the younger generation how to draw, communicate and survive. Another prime example of coaching throughout history would be during a time of war. During war you have soldiers that need to be taught how to fight and survive during
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Some examples of bad coaches are Chip Kelly he coached the eagles for 3 years and he ruined the team by trading all the good players away and getting players that he went to Oregon or played under him when he coached the Oregon ducks. In during this past season the Eagles fired him and all the players were happy about the firing because the team had some problems. Then the 49ers hired Kelly as there head coach.

Another bad coach is Buddy Ryan was a good defensive coordinators and the Bears win there only Super Bowl in 85 then when he took the coaching job with the Eagles. Buddy Ryan once but a bounty on the Cowboys Kicker. Then Ryan has a good roster but didn’t have the coaching skills to take them to the playoffs. When buddy Ryan was with Oilers he punch one of his coaching staff and that made his look bad and probably be talked about for a long
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