Harry And Sally Analysis

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Harry and Sally use relationship maintenance poorly, because they use it so poorly, it takes them a long time to find happiness. Throughout the movie, Harry and Sally experience bad communication. At first, because of Harrys theory that a man and a woman can’t be friends without something sexual happening, they go their separate ways. A couple years after that, they meet. This time they decide to hang out, and they finally start to communicate and really get to know each other. They quickly become friends. But their communication is still awful. Harry over shares and cries a lot, and Sally doesn’t share much about how she is feeling. When they start dating other people, they are jealous but decide not to tell one another. After Sally finds out her ex-boyfriend is getting married she finally breaks down and shows her emotions. She invites Harry over and…show more content…
Harry decided to leave the morning after they had sex. They later went out for lunch, but instead of taking the opportunity to share their feelings, they decided to tell each other it was a mistake. After that day, they don’t talk for almost a month, and when they decided to finally address the fact that they had sex, it all goes south because of a misunderstanding. Instead of telling Sally he likes her, Harry tells her that he originally didn’t intend to have sex with her. Sally takes it as if he’s saying he took pity on her, and they stop talking again. Although Harry called her after the altercation to say he was sorry, he didn’t tell her how he truly felt. To have good relationship maintenance, Harry should have stayed that morning and talked to her. Throughout the movie, Harry and Sally have many chances to express their feelings towards each other. They decided that it is best not to share those feelings. By not tackling the issue they slowed down their relationship. Because of poor relationship maintenance, it took them longer to find
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