Bad Decisions In Hamlet

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Many people in our world struggle with how they are supposed to live their lives. Some people make good decisions in life, and some make bad. However, most people think they make always make those good decisions when really they make a lot of bad ones. In William Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet, the main character Hamlet thinks he makes lots of good decisions when in reality he makes very bad ones. Such bad decisions in fact that it leads to his death. People analyze how Hamlet shows how we are to live our day to day lives, when really he shows us how not live through his actions and thoughts. Hamlet begins his downfall and showing us how to not live from the beginning of the play. Hamlet talks to the ghost of his father in Act 1 Scene 5, who…show more content…
Although Hamlet says he is going to act as though he’s crazy, he seems like he actually is. Hamlet shows us how not to live by acting as though he is crazy. Other than you shouldn’t act like your crazy it also shows us what can happen if you aren’t acting like yourself. Hamlet’s whole “mission” after Act 1, is to get revenge on Claudius. In Act 3 Scene 3, Hamlet walks by Claudius while Claudius is praying with his eyes close, facing the other direction. It is the perfect opportunity to kill Claudius. Hamlet even pulls out his sword to kill him. Hamlet says, “This is hire and salary, not revenge” (Shakespeare 59) This quote shows that Hamlet doesn’t feel like this will be good enough revenge, to kill him while he prays, because he might go to heaven and he won’t avenge his father’s death. Hamlet acts so crazy that he couldn’t remember that he just wanted to kill Hamlet. He acted so crazy that he started blaming everyone else, and almost forgot about his anger towards Claudius. He acted so crazy towards the Queen, Ophelia and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern that he ended up hurting those people’s emotions, which led to Ophelia’s suicide as well. Hamlet showed us how not to live by not being himself. He may have wanted to kill Claudius and had all of the evidence to do so but acting like he was crazy was not who he was. This led to his tragic flaw which was his indecisiveness to kill Claudius when he had the chance. If he did this and stayed true to himself and his immediate family, all of the death at the end wouldn’t have
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