Bad Drivers Research Paper

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Getting a driver's license is important to them because it is the next step in life. It teaches them how to be responsible, careful. It is when they are really free from their parents. They will not have to ask your parents to drop them to the mall. They will not have to ask them to drop you to school, or to your best friends house. The cost of getting their driver's license is very high, just for a card that says you are able to drive. You have to pay for gas, car insurance, the car, and for repairs. You would probably have to get a job just to pay for gas, gas is pretty high. Getting a car is going to take a lot of savings. When there comes a car there comes great responsibility. There will always be great danger that comes with cars, buses, and any other transportation. Any day any time there could be a wreck. At least 3,287 people die everyday from a car wreck. At least 3 million people die yearly. Driving when your drunk is a mistake that can turn into a tragedy. When your drunk and driving you can not see very well, which makes you swerve off the road. You are putting someone's life on the edge when you are drunk while driving. …show more content…

You have to pay for gas, insurance, repairs, and many more. The cost of all of it is terrible, it costs about 3 hundred dollars just for the tires. You have to be very responsible to own a car, you have to make sure you still have gas travel. There is more responsibility that comes with a car that you think. Overall, getting my driver's license is going to mean the world to me. It lets me do stuff I have never done before. Driver's license gives you the responsibility you will need when you get older. You have to give a lot of money and time to your car. You when have somebody else's life in your hands when you drink and

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