Bad Eating Room In The Living Room

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Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION Situation Analysis Everyone has encountered the problems of their rooms having an unpleasant smell. Bad smelling rooms is a problem not to be ignored. It displeases the people who spend time in that room, especially the guests and the visitors. It is a very big problem for buildings that require people to stay inside for a long period of time like hotels, schools, houses, restaurants, and much more. In houses, there are many rooms that can possibly have an unpleasant odour, the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and the living room. Basically, any room inside the house can end up being smelly. One of the most observed quality in any house or facility is the smell, it can serve as a person’s first impression of the place he is in either good or bad. There are different reasons why rooms smell bad, some of these are rotten food that is kept in the kitchen, water leaks, a burning electrical component, dead animals, the environment surrounding the room (like if the place somewhere people who sweat often go to), and many other things. A person can become sick because of environmental odours, these environmental odours are usually observed when you are outside just like garbage, fires, oil, moist soil, gardens, and more. These odours can be a bother for some people and cause different symptoms like a headache, nausea, cough, and more. Other environmental odours can be toxic and harmful for the health of people.
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