Bad Effects Of Adultery

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Effects of committing adultery There are many bad implications for those who committing adultery. Firstly, it will leads to other sin. For example baby dumping, as we know nowadays there are too many baby dumping cases that increase day by day in Malaysia. Sometimes, the babies were found dead or alive in the drains, bags, mosque, toilets, rubbish bin and many others. According to Dr Salmi Razali, a psychiatrist and senior lecturer at Monash University, said that there is no actual rates of babies that were dumped because not all of the babies were found. But based on the police statistics, for every 100,000 live babies there is 16.33% have been dumped illegally in 2011 compared to 13.06% babies in 2007. The adulterer finds it as an easy solution because they want to avoid their wrongdoings from their family. Besides, they feel ashamed towards their family members and the society. Thus, their actions can cause the innocent life of babies being taken. Next is the adulterer will become weak in faith. This is because they are far away from Islam and they are doing what is prohibited. A weak faith can form a bad behaviour in a person’s life. They feel free to do whatever they want because they did not follow the guideline as have been laid down in Al Quran and As Sunnah. Besides, they failed to perform their obligations as a good Muslim. They keep continue doing immoral activities such as freemixing. They are not feeling guilty for what they are doing especially after commit

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