Snapchat Effect On Society

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A phenomenon is a behavior that has influences or is an influence that responds to one another. Social media is a big aspect of today’s generation. People depend on social media in their everyday activities, and even some people have their entire careers based on social media. There are several different forms of social media known today incorporated into everyday use. Today’s society, it is rare to meet a person who does not have social media especially someone who does not have Snapchat. Snapchat is a form of social media that has derived from several other types of social media taking the successes and fixing the fails of the other forms of Snapchat. Snapchat is an application that allows one to communicate through videos or photos that…show more content…
As well being able to communicate through Snapchat you can post stories of what you are doing that day that you may find interesting and you are able to share it with your followers. This allows people to see what other people are doing and for people to share what they love doing. A bad aspect of Snapchat is that people are becoming very dependent on it as their form of communication which makes them very dependent on their phones as well. The importance of social media is that people have an easier way of…show more content…
I feel that social media is helping benefit our society especially for children who lack social skills because it is helping them for in the future when they will have to interact with people in their everyday lives. Because through Snapchat they are actually communicating with photos or videos which is good interpretation of what it is like in life. Children love the idea of social media because they are constantly able to talk to their friends and see what their friends are doing. Some parents are against the ideas of social media and some parents are totally for social media. I think both have their positives and negatives. Such as parents that do not let their children have social media are depriving them of this technological society that they are living in and I believe that the parents that allow their children to have no social media with no monitoring are affecting the child because the child is living in a fantasy world. I believe the way to fix this is to allow children to have social media but to watch them so that do not spend all their time on technology and begin to develop a false interpretation of society. Many different people have very different opinions on the idea of social media and I think it all depends on the person you talk to and their interactions with social

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