Bad Evil In Macbeth

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Although Macbeth has done some really bad deeds, he cannot be called a bad person out and out who goes on to achieve his ambitions without any consideration. He’s also a victim of the realization that there is no meaning as such in this world. This instability snatches his power to think and he gives in to his wife’s provoking speeches without providing any counter arguments to her. If he had any of his individuality left, he certainly must have had given some thought to her speeches but the lack of it shows his confusion. As soon as he joins the opposites foul and fair, he’s encountered by the weird (which is undefined because in the world of Macbeth nothing is normal). This is the first time the reader meets him in person and apart from the…show more content…
Did the witches have such supernatural powers which overpowered him as soon as he came into their contact? Or were all the stories of his bravery fake? The war and Macbeth’s win was perhaps designed by the witches to control Macbeth in a way to push him towards his ambition of murdering the monarch for monarchy! Macbeth comes in front of us as a very indecisive man. He cannot even question the witches first, it is banquo who interrogates them. Banquo not only gives a proof of his bravery with such interrogation, he also demonstrates his clarity for the concept of truth. He looks at the world in black and white and knows at the very instance that the witches never prophesize for someone’s good [the instruments of darkness tell us truths/win us in honest trifles to betray’s in deepest consequence (131-134)]. He believes that the instruments of darkness exist as was believed in his day. Not even for a moment he hesitates to establish his belief as the only truth. But Macbeth immediately decentres his idea with this supernatural soliciting cannot be ill, cannot be good(137-138). It seems that this is the beginning of macbeth’s lifting of faith in the concept of…show more content…
If both the leading characters can plot to hide their evil plans behind pretty smiles, can they not fool each other with their smiles? Although there is hardly any proof of it within the text but macbeth’s change of behavior towars lady Macbeth after getting the crown shows how much he has moved forward since the first time his hands had shaken at the thought of a murder. After duncan’s murder lady Macbeth was never involved in any of his plans. Towards the end he even says that he had almost forgotten the taste of fear. It certainly wasn’t the same Macbeth who considered weighing his values before murdering the king. His wife who coaxed him to take up the task with her witty arguments is then abandoned to suffer in her own illness. At the end these two partners in crime separate their ways and burn in the fire of guilt
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