Personal Narrative: Mastery

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I remember before in my more nonconformist days, I used to worry about such stuff, conventional success. If honest (albeit reluctantly), I still do contemplate conventional success, yet there is a profound difference, I can think on it without the sinister undertones. Previously, my reflection upon success, predominately my own success made me feel awkward, embarrassed and inferior. Though, only in front of myself because there was no-one else around. How absurd. At least if I felt inferior in front of another there might exist a valid reason but to feel inferior by oneself, right there is some powerful conditioning. For a human to have to look in the mirror and feel ashamed of their own reflection simply because they failed the What 21 highly…show more content…
Mastery is not simply sitting in a cave meditating; the learning comes through events, with the best types frequently the bad ones. Often I see the new agers spilling their antedotes on life, attending elaborate retreats to talk spiritual and flaunt their yoga achievements but watch them in real life situations, because this is where the scrutinising begins. The testing is in the grit tray not at the candy counter. We are tested when it feels uncomfortable, in real interactions and with real people. Consequently, this is why so-called bad experiences can help us develop and evolve more than a pamphlet or sitting around a camp fire can because bad experiences make us stop and think. Although, part of our collective problem is we are not taught to value negative experiences in life but instead focus upon how to accumulate, graduate and conjugate (marry), with no emphasis on introspection because time spent in reflection does not appear a priority anymore. Under the circumstances, instead we have swarms (swathys / swaves) of people who can barely keep up the pace to live their lives, aside from time to sit and think and when we do have a few moments spare, we are bombarded with a multitude of distractions to keep us amused, as well as dumb. In summary, the art of thinking and contemplation has been lost, although not by me, I was ready to inspect everything on my plate, I was just not keen on Sue’s latest
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