Bad Experience In Miguel Syjuco's 'Be Here Now'

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Be Here Now Experiences always have a mark on people who experience something. Some people have a bad experience and some a good experience. Especially bad experiences can make you act different (correct: differently) in specific situations were the person look back upon something unpleasant for instance if the person experienced war. Bad flashbacks to an unpleasant experience can cause traumatic stress that has a big impact to who it may concern. Occasionally the person will not act or be like you remember the person and therefore it also has a big influence on the closest relatives around the vulnerable person. This subject is showed in Miguel Syjuco’s short story “Be Here Now” that is from the anthology ‘Elsewhere: Here’ and published in 2012. The short story starts in medias res: “It’s exiting to get to know your new kitchen and it’s appliances.” Already from the beginning of the story, we get the idea of that (correct: that) the narrator just moved and it’s a new beginning of his life. In medias res makes the story more gripping and you get the sense of that you are a part of the narrator’s life, which makes you keep on reading. The narrator in the story is a man and he is married to a woman named Jenna. We are told that they have been away from each other in a month because of the narrator’s job as a press photographer when he says: “Jenna had done all the packing while I was away shooting.” Because the narrator has been shooting in a war as a press photographer

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