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People don 't understand that this doesn 't just affect whales, it also effect people to because the belugas play a very important role in our ecosystem. If we don 't stop killing or hurting them right now later down the road we will pay for it. Later on in life if you start to see overwhelming amount of bad fish for an ecosystem and they are destroying it because there are no predators to keep the fish population down. Beluga whale help keep the ocean 's ecosystem healthy by eating fish and reducing the amount of fish that are bad for an environment. Belugas also are good for the deep sea because when anything dies and falls to the abyss from the topside they go through different layers of the ocean. Belugas when they die fall through the same ocean layers and give nutrients and food in all the…show more content…
The first one that the beluga will pass through is called Epipelagic Zone or the "Sun Light Zone". When a beluga dies it gives nutrients and food to all the animals and life that is there. The second layer it goes through is called the Mesopelagic Zone or the "Twilight Zone". Many of the beluga isn 't left by then but the nutrients of other fish and the beluga still continues to float to the next layer of the ocean. The third layer of the ocean that the beluga falls through is called the Bathypelagic Zone also known as the "Midnight Zone". There is very few animals that would be able to eat what is left of the beluga whale but the nutrients still gets to them and it makes the water rich. Many creatures down here must survive of carcasses nutrients that falls from he surface and that is why it 's not a bad thing when beluga whales die from natural things. The fourth layer of ocean that the nutrients pas through is the Abyssopelagic Zone or other wise know as the "Abyssal Plain". Many physical parts of the beluga are gone but yet the nutrients are still falling down and its giving animals down there a rich environment to

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