Bad Girls Don T Die Essay

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Currently, I am indulged by the novel “Bad Girls Don’t Die” written by Katie Alender. This novel is the first book part of the series. Following this book, the other novels in the series are continuations of the main character and her life.

This novel is about Alexis’s sister, Kasey. Kasey is twelve years old and holds an anti-social and anti-cheerleader attitude. She is absorbed by an antique doll, and Alexis thinks it’s all in her mind and assumes her sister is just going through another phase. Slowly, Alexis realizes that the concerns in her head were all fake, those problems were becoming life-threatening to her, and her family. Kasey’s eyes slowly go from blue to green, she uses old-fashioned language and she even forgets periods of
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I believe, that the other books part of this series is about Kasey and how she can’t control her words or emotions, and all of these scenarios are controlled by her antique doll. They will also, most likely involve new characters in the other books in this series. Along with how they will possess Kasey more with her antique doll, and sooner she will get transferred to a place where they help mentally ill kids recover. Moreover, Alexis will have a growing attraction to the doll and she will then get possessed too. On the other hand, Alexis’s and Kasey’s parents would either get into a major family fight that will affect their children, or they will get a divorce. Afterwards, they will be alone with their mom, and Kasey’s physical changes will become worse, and the house will have many dramatic changes.

I would recommend “Bad Girls Don’t Die” to anyone that likes to read horror-fiction novels. Based on reading this book, it was very good, and the qualities were incorporated smoothly throughout every chapter. On a scale of one to ten, I would rate this book a nine. I know that the other books in this series will be way better and will explain more about how the antique doll controls Kasey, and so
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