Bad Girls Don T Die Book Report

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What would you do if your little sister suddenly became possessed? I finished the book Bad Girls Don’t Die by Katie Alender. The main character, Alexis (or Lexi), has recently seen changes in her little sister, Kasey. She has become weirdly obsessed with creepy dolls, she’s been talking in an old-fashioned language, and her eyes change from blue to green. When Lexi’s father gets in a car accident, Lexi has no doubt that Kasey’s other personality had something to do with it. Because of Kasey, Lexi oddly finds herself becoming friends with the school’s star cheerleader, Megan. Little do they both know that their pasts will haunt them until Kasey becomes herself again. I will be writing about these three amazing concepts in the book: The first pages of the book, Kasey’s “friend,” and Lexi and Megan’s friendship.…show more content…
The author really grabs your attention by describing a very vivid scene. The way she describes the setting is exhilarating. She starts off by describing Lexi taking pictures of the family house. This house is a major part of the story, but the reader doesn’t know it yet. She then describes that it’s the middle of the night, but she doesn’t say anything about the time. Instead she talks about the color of the sky, and the mood of the scene. The author continues to make the scene more interesting by introducing another main character in a strange way. Kasey is introduced through darkness. She ends up scaring her sister by emerging from the woods. They then talk for a while when suddenly; there is a mysterious light by the sisters’ house. “It was a soft glow, pale gold, and Kasey was right- it wasn’t coming from either of our rooms. It didn’t actually seem to be originating from inside the house at all.” (Alender 6). That soft glowing orb of light would play a huge role in this entire
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