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Overall, Bad Girls is a well produced and well acted short film, with several strong aspects that make it stand out in the world of student films. These aspects include, lighting, locations, and acting. However, some aspects, primarily sound, revealed it to be a less than professional endeavor. First, the lighting throughout the film was consistently, not only well done, but often beautiful. Everything and everyone that was significant was well-lit and motivated. I was never distracted by poor lighting as is often the case with student films. My favorite lighting in the film was the nightclub scene, which used a beautiful juxtaposition of blue/green and orange/red. If fit the setting of the scene as well as its tone of discord as Christine discovers her friend cheating on her husband. It not only did the story justice, it reinforced it. I also thought the lighting in Christine and Sara’s bath scene was beautiful and very flattering. The only issue that I had with the lighting was the scene in which Sara and Christine are arguing in the Lisa’s house. Sara is poorly lit, likely to represent the villainy emerging in her character, but it goes too far and we can barely see her face. This brings me to another of the film’s strong…show more content…
Some of the music selection was also weak. In particular the string music when Lisa returns home from the club felt misplaced. A few other smaller issues that I had wit the film include: Lisa’s anger, which was not at the level it should have been given the given her circumstances of exploitation ; the choice to have Lisa smoke, it looked so unnatural almost to the point of humor and it served no narrative purpose; and, finally, Lisa’s necklace looks cheap, which was particularly distracting because it is so prominent in the film. It did not appear to have the value that it should

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