Film Analysis: The Bad Kids

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The Bad Kids uses an assortment of techniques to create a way to get the viewer emotional involved in the story. The techniques involved in the film are shots of the weather, the way voice overs are used, and the overall structure of each child’s conflict. The director’s purpose in using these techniques is to get the viewer to see that these kids, who have had a hard life, are largely victims of the circumstances that they were born into. These kids are just a few in a country and world where millions of kids are written off as “bad kids” that have nothing to offer to the world. The director shows that they have a story behind that label and that their stories continue even have people have written them off. The use of weather to as transitions in structure of the film and to signify conflict or resolution can be seen in the film at points. This can be seen in shots such as when a storm is shown rolling in and the film moves toward showing the issues and conflicts each subject is having at school and in life. Even though the view should and would know that all of these conflicts are most likely not happening at the same time it is still an…show more content…
These kids, are just that kids who are stuck in a bad situation or mindset. The kids are victims of their circumstances but they are trying to find way to get out of their circumstances or are trying to be heard. The director uses things such as weather transitions, voice overs and overall structure to get the viewers emotionally invested in to these strangers’ lives. This helps to establish the subjects, but also make the large impact of knowing that there are many kids, like the ones shown, in the world that are struggling through life. The director is willing the viewer not to see these kids as the label of “bad kids”, but as human beings doing the best with what little they

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