Bad Leader In Lord Of The Flies

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In William Goldings novel, Lord of the Flies, the children introduced teach the readers some valuable lessons. While the children needed to survive, we can still learn many lessons from them. The three most important lessons taught to us by the children are to not misuse our authority, to look out for our neighbors, and to know our priorities. Lord of the Flies teaches us to not misuse our authority by showing us how to be good leaders. Neither Jack nor Ralph could be considered a good leader, but neither one of them are necessarily a bad leader either. They each possess qualities that could make them a good leader, but they each lack a few qualities as well. Jack lead his people based on a tactic of fear and fun. It appeared that he was…show more content…
Jack even said, “If only I could get a pig!” (46), Whenever he was asked if he cared. Jack’s tribe did nothing but hunt. They hunted so much, which distracted them from learning survival skills. This also distracted them from keeping a smoke signal in the air, unlike Ralph’s tribe. Ralph’s tribe worried about keeping the fire going. Ralph said repeatedly in astonishment, “You let the fire go out.” (58). Regardless of what they did, Ralph’s tribe was worried about surviving and being rescued. They were determined to be rescued. Ralph said, “Without fire we can’t be rescued. So we must stay by the fire and make smoke.” (126). These two different qualities of a good leader should be combined to make one good leader. Good leaders should establish rules and govern by those rules. This means having fun, but also taking action and punishing people when they break the rules. The qualities of a good leader include responsibility (Ralph),
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