Bad Living Conditions In Elie Wiesel's Night

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Elie Wiesel lived during the holocaust. He stayed in a consentration camp and lived. He wrote the book Night. Wiesel had to overcome 1.Faith , 2.Looseing his dad , and 3.Bad living conditions . These adversities made Elie Wiesel become the man he is today; he is truly a humanitarian. He had to keep his hope and faith in god so he will live and not go crazy. “ I’ve got to keep my faith in god.” He kept his faith in god. He prayed and kept praying and praying he kept his sanity and faith in god. He prayed for all the people that had been killed or died. He had to stick with his dad and keep him in good health so he would not loose him. “I can’t loose my dad he is all I have got.” He could not loose his dad because it is all
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