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Bad Luck. Good luck. Fate. Those three things are leaving people curious. Today I will be talking about them and whether or not i believe in them. Bad luck is known to cause bad things to happen to people. When people miss their bus or break a bone, then they can consider that bad luck. Bad luck can make people hate their lives, or make someone more cautious. There are myths that cause bad luck too. Splitting a pole, breaking a mirror, walking under a ladder, the number 66 and friday the 13th are known for causing bad luck. Most of these superstitions can cause bad luck for up to 7 years. If you believe in these then you are a little more cautious than others. One more thing that is known to cause bad luck is the number 13 but we will talk…show more content…
Fate is when something bad happened you believe that something great will happen in return. Say for instance you miss your bus some people believe that there will be a lamborghini will pick them up or something. Some people will believe that it happened for a reason. Fate can make people believe crazy things like if they lose a dollar then they will get a milion dollars. Fate is not the greatest thing to believe in because it can make a person lose their minds because what they thought didn’t come true. Some people are crazy because to believe that something bad will result in something good is not the best of ideas. Do I believe in luck or fate? That is a great question and the answer is no. The reason I don’t believe is because i’ve seen what happens to people who do. Plus most of these things that you can do for bad luck and good luck are things you can do in your everyday life. For fate I think it’s stupid because believing that something small like losing a dollar will result in something big like winning a million dollars. Bad luck. Good luck. Fate. I don’t believe in them and i don’t think anyone should. They are not very good things to believe in. But people like to believe that bad luck can make your life terrible good luck will make your life and fate will make you think good things will come from bad things. You shouldn’t believe in them but no matter what people

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