Bad Moment In Life: The Bright Side Of Your Life

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I would like to say that every bad situation can have a bright side, but this may not always be true. When you experience a devastating moment in your life you may not see this so called “bright side”. You see what has happened to you. You see that it has only happened to you. You see that someone or something is punishing you, and only you. You watch your friends go on with their lives as if nothing has happened. In a way nothing has happened. To them. A situation or tragic life event might not seem so tragic to others, especially the unaffected.
Then there are those happy-go-lucky people that can not be phased. They go on with their day unaffected while you cry and weep over a spill of coffee on your brand new cardigan. They
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Let me explain what I mean. Do you know that moment when you realize you really are not good at something. It’s that feeling of self-doubt and anger that bubbles up inside of you. That anger from not being good enough can be the boost you needed to change your life. After that brief moment of self-hatred you decide to try harder or to be better. The “bright side” of any situation is always there, but you can only discover it in the future. There would be that moment in your life that you look back and say “wow, i wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for that exact moment”. Have you ever heard an older person say “you’ll know when you get older”? Are they saying this from experience? Could this possibly be true? Yes. That old man or woman you talked to knew what they were saying. They know this because at one point in their life they understood why something happened to them. They knew why they got cut off the basketball team or why they were bullied through high school. I’m not trying to say that someone is planning our future, but something will happen. You can either make that memory a lesson or a nightmare. You could remember that day as the time you first tried a new
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