Bad Side Of Globalisation Essay

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Globalization Globalisation is the process of interaction between countries; it can be economically, politically, or culturally. As our world grows, globalisation has changed positively and negatively which affects our resources, environment, transnational corporations and economies. Countries around the world are turning more interdependent as they each depend on each other’s resources and economies. The bad side to globalisation are like resource depletion, destroying the environment, job labours and has made countries poorer than before. When there is a bad side there’s always a good side such as helping people out of poverty, made countries richer and global groups where they try to solve environmental issues. Resources are…show more content…
People all around the globe either uses or take over land which will force animals to adapt to different places. This will lead to affecting the environment negatively. Affecting the environment negatively by this it means that ruining the whole ecosystem by having animals failing to adapt to a new place and cutting down on too many resources like trees will cause chaos in the future. We need trees because they help is by removing carbon dioxide from the air and giving us oxygen. All of this is caused because we are depleting resources massively each year. All we need to do is to find a solution for all of the depletion, which will lead us to the good side where people around the world come together a suggest solutions. There have already been many organisations like the United Nations where they talk about environmental issues, animals or the ecosystem. They have already talked about the problem of whaling in Japan, but there are some technical problems for solving it. Like there are some technical difficulties for solving the depletion problem, we need to do more than just suggestions. The environment is another example where it is affected effectively mostly by our world. It can
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