Cyberbullying In America

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Social media is amazing, we can make new friends from anywhere and communicate with friends. We can share pictures of what we’re doing and where we are. We can see what people post or say and how they feel about things. We can share our feelings, we can find people like ourselves. Social media can make us laugh, we find funny videos or memes we share them with friends or comment on it. Does social media have a bad side, I can do so many things. Getting comments, getting likes or getting rates feel nice if their positive things but what if they weren’t nice or what you wouldn’t expected it to be. How would you feel? Social Media is the most common thing used in America when we get on our phones or technology, we check who posted something,…show more content…
Cyberbullying is a huge problem in our society because it can cause harm to teens (Jeff White). Getting cyberbullied is a huge deal because it can cause depression and teens can think about harming themselves. Teens don’t feel comfortable with telling their parents about being bullied, thus never getting help with the issue and it can continue to occur (Jeff White). Telling a parent about being cyberbullied is the difficult thing to say to parents it’s like a big step to take. Cyberbullying is getting bullied through social media, kids get bullied and fear if they tell their parents they wouldn’t be able to use their technology…show more content…
Cyberbullying on social media is linked to depression (Bullying Statistics). Getting bullied can be sad, and cause overthinking, while you’re overthinking it can cause depression. According to the article, there was the consistent association between exposure to cyberbullying and increased likelihood of depression (Bullying Statistics). Being called mean names, getting bullied it’s not funny if the one getting called names isn’t laughing if that person isn’t laughing or commenting back in a joking matter it’s bullying. The one getting bullied they can become depressed and they can harm themselves or maybe commit suicide. Cyberbullying isn’t a joke, it’s basically the same things as getting bullied out of social media, it’s something serious that can cause someone 's life or make them very very

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