Bad Things About Sharks Essay

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The next time you go to the beach, don’t go too far into the ocean. If you see a curved fin, you’ll know that it’s a shark. But not all sharks are scary and dangerous. In fact, only 4 types of sharks are known to attack humans. But, they all have something in common, in that they are all very interesting.

Baby Sharks, Physical Appearance, and “Family Life”
First of all, sharks are surprisingly not that cute as babies. Baby sharks are called pups. Pups are twice the size of your average goldfish, and have one sort-of-sharp set of teeth. Pups can be born in three ways. According to, “They’re most commonly born physically, but also can be born by laying eggs, and even by eggs hatching inside of their parents, which is also called ovoviviparity.” Once pups are born, they grow slowly, open their eyes, change their fins, get their second set of teeth, and get sharper teeth. From the title, you would think this next part would be about their family life. You’re both right and wrong, because most species of sharks usually don’t have big families, because their mothers don’t care for their babies after they’re born. They only do so before they’re born. So don’t expect to think “Aww” when you see a baby shark.

Habitat and Diet
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Sharks are sea creatures, so obviously they live in the ocean. Sharks are mostly found in the Pacific Ocean, but can also be found in the Atlantic Ocean, and very rarely the Indian Ocean. Sharks will eat almost any living thing they find in the ocean, including us humans, even though it only happens rarely. They like seals the most. It is unknown what they drink. According to “Sharks,” ”They sneak up on their prey and chomp them up in one sitting!” This shows that sharks can eat their prey extremely easily. I guess they really like
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