How Does Advertising Harm Children

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The television clicks on and commercials consume it. It’s dark face attracting a child's attention with it's sudden burst of colors. Their dark eyes fill with the remnants of thoughts of things that can harm them. There are many things that harm children due to children's advertising but we're only going to be focusing on three. The first is how advertising has allowed diseases like obesity and diabetes to get out of hand, the second is that mental disabilities like depression and anger issues are higher due to the advertising on television, the third thing is how advertisements cause children to make bad decisions for their health like using alcohol and smoking.

Advertisers have been causing childhood obesity and diabetes rates to
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Children have started smoking because they have been pressured into it by the commercials they see on tv. In the article(impact of media use on children and youth-NCBI-national institutes of health)it says “Many music videos show the act of alcohol and smoking use as normative behavior without conveying the long term consequences of this use,” which means that children see this kind of behavior all the time and it makes them think it's cool without them even knowing how it will affect them and encourage them to do it. Children have been told that real men drink beer and that sends the message that they won't be men until they drink, encouraging them to do it at younger ages. In the article(impact of media use on children and youth-NCBI-national institutes of health) it says “On an annual basis, teenagers see between 1000 to 2000 beer commercials carrying the message that real men drink beer, convincing data shows suggest that advertising increases beer consumption.” The teenagers that see these commercials are being told that they won't be a man until they drink beer and then they attempt to drink beer so that they can be a
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