Bad With Names

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The article “ ‘ I Am Bad with Names’ Excuse is Real” is about the reason people forget names of other people. This is because names as arbitrary, or it makes no sense that one person is named Greg and another is name Steve. The article isn’t against names An easier way to the way the remember a person 's name is to use the Baker-Baker effect. The effect is that people remember a person 's occupation more than the name, i.e if a baker is a name baker than all you have to do is remember their occupations. Another way they article suggest is to say the name several times after you learn it or try to find an association with the name. For example a guy name rusty wore a red shirt, just remember the shirt and the name will come to you. It finally says just admit defeat and work of this psychological quirk. To a person who struggles with names, this article is a godsend to me. I have heard of the say the name several times before, but I have never heard of the association technique. It might be harder using that technique, though because not everyone I meet won’t be English or have an English…show more content…
Social psychologists study people’s interactions with one another, relationship, social perception, social cognition, and attitudes. Social psychologists would be interested in this article because it talks about one of the basic part of human interaction. Names are supposed to identify different individuals, but it seems that people have trouble remembering them. If social psychologist learns more about this phenomena, they might be able to find ways to improve people 's memory on this subject. Another type of psychologist that would be interested in this would be a learning psychologist. Learning researchers would love this because learning names could be applied to other things, like studying or teaching kids how to read. Using word association and repetition is already a stable of studying and
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