Badilon's Business Memoir

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Badilon’s Business
It was a hot, muggy day, and the breeze was nonexistent. The sun beat down and you could see the heat waves hitting the road. It was one of those days where you sweated buckets with no physical activity at all. So on this dreadfully hot day Badilon decided to go to the beach.
At the beach Badilon swam to keep cool. He swam for a bit and then stood up and couldn’t hear anything. Badilon realized that he had water in his ears. He viciously shook his head to get the water out before swimming back to shore. While swimming Badilon figured that he wasn’t the only one who got water in their ears while swimming, so he thought he could start a business making waterproof earmuffs for people who get water in their ears.
The next day
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They saw that it was Badilon Laar who had recently left the country, and decided to slow the growth of his business. They gave Badilon a quota and told him that he could only ship one hundred waterproof earmuffs into the country every three months instead of one hundred every month.
Because of the less waterproof earmuffs in Cuba, they were more appreciated, and people were starting to trade their values to get a pair of earmuffs, so despite the quota the people of Cuba were able to all get a pair of Badilon’s Bluffy Muffs. Cuba’s government saw that the quota didn’t do much to Badilon’s business, so they had an embargo made that declared Badilon’s Bluffy Muffs couldn’t legally be imported to Cuba. The embargo really messed with Badilon’s business, and in a month he was broke/not making a profit.
Badilon was sad that his business was failing, so he contacted the World Trade Organization to try and get rights to sell his product in Cuba. He went to court and won, so once again Badilon’s business was thriving, and on the hot, muggy days with no wind everyone could go swim at the beach without having to worry about getting water in their
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