Bag Of Bones Stephen King Analysis

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As Stephen King once said, “Get busy living, or get busy dying.” Stephen King, an american horror author, is considered by the masses to be one of the most influential authors of the late nineteenth and twentieth century. With at least 136 works from novels to novellas written, King has left a lasting impact on everyone all around the world. King combined horror with mystery to give readers a story to remember. Kings books not only appear in almost every library, but are shown through movies ranging from The Shining (1980) to It (2017). King was placed number one on New York Times best-seller list before the book It was officially published. King is not only recognized for his unforgettable horror stories, but how he relates to the reader.…show more content…
After the main character, Mike Noonan, gets writers block from his wife’s death and continues to have it for years. He moves to the couple’s summer retreat in western Maine, at a lakeside house called Sara Laughs. “He also discovers that Sara Laughs is haunted and that his late wife, Joanna, still has something to tell him.” (King, n.d.). This haunting of his lakeside house is the horror aspect of the novel, and only one of the many problems the main character has to face. Mike Noonan also meets a young, recently widowed woman with a child. He gets closer to this woman, which leads to him being caught in between a custody battle for the child. It involves the widowed woman, and a rich grandfather who feels he is more suitable for the child, as he has more money for the child to grow up fully. The woman has no money, and lives in a trailer doing all she can to prosper for her child. King brings back his past in this novel by having the main character, Mike Noonan, experience writer's block as he has when everything was going wrong in his life. King also has the woman living in a trailer with nothing, as he did before he became famous. It brings back his own experiences for a more emotional meaning within the story, yet contains a typical ghost story. Although this novel reflects a typical style of horror, nothing compares to the…show more content…
King’s impact on society has changed many people’s outlook on horror, and how horror can improve in the future. King continues to write and have movies made from his works like the new It (2017), which causes him to be the most influential writer of our time. King’s passion to write novels that reflect life around the readers creates nothing any writer has ever done before, making him also the most creative writer of our time. King hopes to inspire the upcomers in this world by having children in his books equal to adults. King’s rise to success proves to anyone who knows about him that dreams can come true, and wants others to believe in themselves as he did. King not only writes fiction, but reveals extraordinary truths within his novels. Stephen King was once quoted, saying “Fiction is the truth inside the
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