Baggyong Sendong Short Story

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Sendong, the world’s most deadliest typhoon on 2011 that had struck Northern Mindanao particularly in Cagayan de Oro City and Iligan City. Tropical Storm Washi is its international name. Severe Tropical Storm Washi brought 10 hours of torrential rains that triggered disastrous flash flooding over Mindanao, an area that rarely experiences tropical cyclones. Thousands of people were killed during and even after this hurrendous typhoon. More than 2,000 people were rescued from the hardest hit areas and many victims were still left missing. The Philippine Coast Guard was dispatched to search for missing people after villages were reported to have been swept out to sea. Due to eagerness and desperation of finding their loved ones; victims, their…show more content…
I could still remember that we were having a Christmas Party at that exact date. Me and my classmates also planned to go to Timoga, a swimming pool resort. And because we were indulged by happiness, we didn’t know that there was an incoming tropical typhoon that later devastated our city. Luckily, I went home earlier than my classmate who were still there at the resort pool. And because of luck, We were not affected by the stormrage, not even a single scratch. But what scratch my heart, was when I step out of our house, I saw a lot of dead innocent people lying on the streets. This was an immoral event but it’s beyond our control. And another immoral thing was the evacuation centers that was too dirty and the funds were sabotaged and corrupted by our officials. Only canned goods were given to the victims the whole year. Even the houses that they build for the victims were not that concrete. Some houses were also build nearby sea levels. The Philippines is highly vulnerable to natural disasters like typhoons, sea storm surges and tsunamis. People living in vulnerable areas – for example, housing projects that are almost built at sea level – would be courting further disaster,” said

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