Bahama Breeze History

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History in the Making Darden Restaurant founded Bahama Breeze in 1996. The first one opened in Orlando, Florida, and was a success. Now there are thirteen locations in Florida, and thirty-seven locations in the United States. They are known for a few major things. One is having amazing service skills, which can be seen by them opening the door for every customer. Also, they have Caribbean inspired food, with vibrant colors to make anyone want to eat. Upon entering the restaurant floor glisten in the light, a young man walks around sweeping and cleaning, keeping everything nice and clean. Lastly, exiting the restaurant the host opens the door, then waves goodbye saying ‘hope to see u soon.’
When customers are greeted, the
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As the waiter sets the appetizer down, instantly vibrate Caribbean color is noticed. On the white plate, bright yellow, red and green ingredients accent the brown crispy coconut shrimp. Alongside the shrimp is a cold, yellow, sweet tangy sauce, making the plate complete. Following the appetizer is the main course, a popular dish on the menu, Calypso Shrimp Pasta. It has a white wine base sauce, mixed in with fresh tomatoes and garlic; the shrimp are seared in a skillet with garlic, butter and lemon adding an extra tanginess to the dish (Samuda, P.M., Cook, R.A., Cook, & Fitzory, 1998). Stream rises from the plate as freshly grated parmesan cheese is sprinkled around the plate and light layers, lowly melting into the pasta. After enjoying the main meal, the waiter kindly hands, me a smaller menu containing all the different deserts they offer. After looking through the menu the waiter suggested the most popular item, which is the chocolate pineapple upside down cake. The moistness of the cake can be seen once it arrives at the table. On top the chef drizzles raspberry, mango and pineapple sauce across. The sauce added a fruity sweetness to the warm chocolatey
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