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In The Bahamas out of the total islands only few are owned. The total amount of islands are 700 and the amount owed are 30. By the way The Bahamas are a tropical island, that has around 6 million tourists per year. They also have lots of plants and animals.The Bahamas is interesting because of its geography, weather, plants, animals, people and culture.

When I glance around I see the oceans dark blue shimmering body of saltwater, and tall dark brown palm trees. The Bahamas three major landforms are, the largest point which is positioned on Cat Island, where limestone rock rises to 63 m over sea level, The islands were mostly made by the disintegration of seashells and coral reefs, and low scrub covers much of their surface. The landform look like, the Bahamas are a class of nearly 700 circle like coral islands, and little, low islands composed largely of sand or coral.The islands were mostly made by the disintegration of seashells
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The population in The Bahamas is 329,988. People in The Bahamas have many different religions such as, the census also reported that over 90 percent of the population claim a religion. Protestant Christian denominations make up a large part which includes Anglicans/Episcopalians 15 percent, Baptists 35 percent, Church of God 5 percent, Pentecostals 8 percent, Methodists 4 percent and Seventh-day Adventists 5 percent. Fourteen percent of the population is Roman Catholic. Also they celebrate Bahamas Independence Day, Majority Rule Day,New Year's Day, Easter Monday,Good Friday, Randol Fawkes Labour Day, Whit Monday. Also their way of having fun is to listen to music, the rhythm of music is also in the very blood of the people. Caribbean Calypso, African rhythms, the uniquely Bahamian 'Goombay' echo in the air, and English folk songs.In The Bahamas they have a lot of the same jobs as in America for example you can work at a hotel, a supermarket, in medical care, or with
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