Bahamian Culture

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There are many differences between the Chinese and the Bahamian culture when raising children. These differences create various types of people in the perspective communities. Many factors such as education, music, and festivals influence the upbringing of children in the Chinese culture compared to that of the western civilization. Therefore, the way children are raised in each culture differs significantly as culture plays a vital role on not only the way children are raised in their homes but also the way they speak, the way they dress and what they eat. Religion and parenting styles have immensely changed the way children are raised in the Bahamas, unlike China.

While Christianity in The Bahamas remains the main religion for many since
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The main cultural difference between the Chinese culture and the Bahamian culture is the concept of independence versus interdependence. The authoritarian parenting style is used in the Bahamian culture as it attempts to shape, control and evaluate the behavior and attitudes of the child or children in accordance with a set standard of conduct. The Bahamian culture, as opposed to the Chinese culture, is very Authoritarian. This authoritarian method of parenting was adopted from Africa as it is seen throughout the islands of the Caribbean. In the Bahamian culture, children are whipped with canes, drumsticks, electric cables or anything that comes to hand. Although some people may see this as a form of abuse not just physical but mentally and psychologically this is a form of punishment used to disciple their children. As a result of this, children raised under an authoritarian’s home such as in Bahamian culture are incomplete authority of their parent(s) and are not allowed much freedom to do as they want. Everything the child does is decided by the child’s parents in this culture because parents hold the attitude that they are the ‘authority’
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