Bail Bond Process

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If someone you love is arrested, you might not know how to handle the situations. You might not understand the legal process. A bail bondsman can help you navigate the legal process. When you are searching for an agency, you might across a few unfamiliar bail bonds terms. You need to understand the bond process and the legal terms.

Bail is the amount that has to be paid. If you want to the person to be released from jail before their court date, you will have to pay the set bail amount. A judge will determine the bail amount. When the person is bailed out of the jail, he will be able to remain free until their trial date. If the person commits a crime while he out on bail, he may be arrested and sent back to jail.

Bail Bond
You have
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A bail bondsman will accept cash. If you hire a bail bondsman, the money will be non-refundable. The bail bond allows the defendant to be released from jail. The bail bond is paper documentation, and it promises the appearance of the alleged criminal in court.

Property Bond
You can also use a property bond. If you use a property bond, you are offering your home in exchange for the person's release from jail. If the person misses the court date, the court can legally seize your home.

If you decide to pay the defendant's bail, you will be the indemnitor. You will have to uphold the bond agreement. If the alleged criminal misses his court date, you will be responsible for the full bail amount. If you use a bail bondsman, you may have to reimburse the
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The judge will consider the type of crimes that were committed. The judge will also consider the person's history. If the person does not have a history of criminal behavior, the judge might give the person a low bail. The person will have a high bail if he has a long history of criminal activity. Bail protects the rights of the person arrested, and it reduces overcrowding in local jails. A San Diego bail bonds agency can handle the situation in an efficient
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