Bail Bonding Case Study

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After a loss in my family due to death, I recently learned of my inheritance in the amount of $50,000, and I have chosen to invest it wisely. Due to the fact that I want to make the most use of this inheritance I have decided to start a business. The business that I will start will be bail bonding. With all the recent and continuous arrests across the state of North Carolina, and in using my military background as a trained military police officer, it should afford me the opportunity to become quite profitable. With the insurmountable knowledge of the bail bonding business, and subsequent law, I would research the professional aspects of the bail bonding business and its perception on society. One of the examples I would use in what not to do in the field of bail bonding would be taking the…show more content…
To me, this would give my company a professional advantage by dealing with the environment and court systems, with the intent for me and my staff to be received as professionals, giving us an elevated sense of professionalism/brand. Social media being an inexpensive method of advertising would surely and positively impact my bottom line as well as the professional attire that all my staff would wear, would illuminate the professional brand I am seeking to give my company and business advantage. To enhance my business intelligence strategy, I would utilize a dynamic processes approach instead of a structured processes approach of the dress attire of entities that touches the bail bonding business. This dynamic processes approach had me looking at different standard uniforms of jailers and officers, attorneys representing their clients, other bail bondsmen’s’ and the overall appearance of how professionals were dressed inside the courtroom as well as the magistrate’s office, where 90% of the bail bonding transactions take place. This approach was used in opposition to a structured processes approach, in this case would simply look/isolate on what other bail bondsman were
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