Bail Bonds Process

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Before you decide whether to contact a bail bondsman or not it is best that you learn about the bail bonds process involved so that you are mentally prepared for the circumstances to come. When a person first gets arrested for a crime he or she is taken to the local jail where some necessary documents are maintained and other work like finger print taking, pictures, etc are done. Once the process is finished the criminal has four different options to choose from to get release from jail. The court basically assigns a bond to the criminal that he or she has to pay in order to leave jail. If possible the criminal can choose to pay that full amount in cash directly to the jail authorities or the court and immediately be released from custody. But most people do not have that kind of amount of money. The bond amount varies depending on the type of crime committed but it is normally too high for the person to afford. If possible the second option the criminal has is to use a property of his or hers like a house or any other lot. The third option is to initiate the bail bonds process by…show more content…
In case you are unaware you can ask the person to contact the jail authorities and ask them directly. Before you can finalize the bail bonds process the person will tell you the amount it will cost you to initiate the bail bonds process after taking a ten percent of the total bail that you have been charged with. Some other requirements may also apply on you before you are allowed to start the bail bonds process. Some bail bondsman may ask you for collateral before they start the bail bonds process for you. This collateral is usually some property of yours that they take up in case you fail to appear for court and flee, they will use this collateral of yours to redeem the bail money they are now paying on your behalf in the bail bonds
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