Bail Bonds Research Paper

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Bail bonds and the bail bond process stays pretty consistent with the processes established throughout California by the CA Department of Insurance.

When it comes to common arrests for petty crimes, the bail bonds process will only really vary based on the location of the arrest. While the actual bail bonds process remains the same, wait times for release will vary, depending on if the arrestee is being held at a local city jail within a police station or has been transferred to a county jail. Wait times can also vary based on how busy the particular police station or jail is and how the staff is being utilized that particular day.

For the most part, bail cost and other details will remain constant. But there are instances throughout the state where the bail
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Officers provide a citation to the arrestee that has an official court date listed. The appearance of the defendant is purely up to the integrity of he or she cited as no financial burden is imposed, but arrest warrants and additional fines for failure to appear may be issued if the defendant does not attend court.

Surety Bond: A surety bond essentially describes the function of a bail bonds company. A bail bonds company or other licensed third party becomes the indemnitor of the suspect 's total bail amount, meaning they legally take on responsibility for the total amount. A fee is charged for the service that the third party or bail agent keeps.

Recognizance: This term is used in rare cases where judges agree to waive bail fees for suspects who pledge to attend all of their scheduled court dates. This is usually reserved for higher-profile cases, cases involving public figures, or cases that present extenuating circumstances to a judge that show the defendant presents little or no risk of
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