Bail Situation In Bangladesh

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Bail is a fundamental issue in administration of criminal justice system. An accused is said to be admitted to bail when he is released from the custody of police or court. In turn, the sureties accept the responsibilities to produce the accused to answer, at a specified time and place, the charge against him. Although bail ensures avoidance of unnecessary sufferings of presumably innocent person, it may conversely hamper administration of justice by enabling the accused person to abscond or to threaten the victims and witnesses. Granting or rejection of bail may also result into economic and social difficulty for the families of victim and witnesses.
Therefore, it must be emphasize here that reforms in the bail related steps towards ensuring
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The word Bail is derived from the old French verb “bailier”, which means to “give” or “deliver” according to webster’s New International Dictionary. Bail can be broadly categorized into two parts bail-able cases and Non-bail-able cases. Categorized has the offences as bail-able and non-bail-able offences. There have some power of granting bail by different courts. And also there have power of cancelling bail by different courts. And this research has discussion Effect of delay in investigation, trial and in disposal of bail Application. And lastly discussed here present situation of Bail in…show more content…
• To reduce Bail situation in Bangladesh.
• To find out the jurisdiction of the Courts to grant bail to such accused persons as are listed as identified criminals by a quasi-judicial authority established by law should be ousted

1.5. Research Methodology
The research paper on “Bail situation in local court of Bangladesh”, to make this research paper effective, I have collected from the orals sources of various persons such as students, teachers, some experienced persons and some Jailers. Some information also has been collected from various books written by various experienced scholars from some public universities and private universities. In my research paper I also have shared the observations, comments and recommendations of various authors.

1.6. Limitation of the Research
In this sub-continent especially in Bangladesh, bail has been developed as of fundamental rights of an accused. Considering the above views, the study was conducted at all levels. And the territorial Limitation area of this thesis are Bangladesh. The study has suffered certain limitations as below:
The duration of the study was very short. More in-depth investigation would have resulted better

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