Bailey Nelson Case Summary

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Bailey Nelson’s statements are representative over the community of Granville gym users in the segment transcribed for performance. She directly tackles her own value for the ideal female figure as well as the general value to a larger population of students on campus, providing context to the question of its influence on fitness behavior within the female student population. There are moments of self revelation where she discovers answers about herself through questions she has never asked herself such as what influences her during a workout and in what ways. Bailey clarifies that on average the female figure is highly held among female residents at Granville, but it varies depending on the individual’s ideals. In the later part of the transcription for performance there is an interview segment that describes Bailey’s friends who have prioritized workouts over academics. This results from a desire to obtain an attractive figure in…show more content…
There were times during the first interview I found Bailey changing the subject in order to tell a more established story. The details yielded decent data to research but required more effort in analyzing. After the first interview, I spent a couple of hours revamping questions that still contained the same context for an answer but rephrased in a way that would guide her responses to be clearer. For example, Bailey always tried to tell a personal narrative in her answers so I incorporated her opinion into later questions for the second interview in a way that could help her provide an answer. Developing the performance has only presented an issue of “ums” and “uhs”, but that can easily be resolved. I have picked moments of significance where those words have strong context and are not used as filler, and the others will be replaced by pauses where they are not as significant in the

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