Bake Farro Research Paper

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It’s happened to you too; cooking all day, tasting and seasoning food leaves little personal appetite. In my case, especially during the holidays, when I cook for others; I settle for a fresh farm egg on whole grain toast or better yet if I’ve planned ahead; a one pot wonder filled to the brim with hot flavorful broth and a mix of nutty grains, beans or legumes and leafy greens. Cooking Light calls Smoky Farro and Chickpea Soup a “trifecta of deliciousness”. Farro, an ancient savory wheat grain has a substantial chew somewhat nuttier and earthier than barley. Since it takes a while to cook, I find it simmers to perfection without any attention except fuzzy logic in a rice cooker. One cup of farro and three cups of water equals the cooked farro called for in this…show more content…
(There are also fast cooking and pre-cooked varieties available). Although the list of ingredients stretches nearly off the page, setting them in place simplifies three easy steps of soup construction. Cook the aromatics in olive oil; then season to taste with salt and pepper and sweat for a few minutes. Contrary to the instructions, I added only one teaspoon smoked paprika combined with one teaspoon of cumin; and cooked them for half a minute before stirring in the chickpeas (garbanzo beans), tomatoes and broth. By the way it seemed silly to use three-quarters of a quart vegetable broth leaving 1 cup for what? A whole quart went in the pot; reducing water to two cups. All that remained behind was chopped rainbow chard, farro and the
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